Will this knitwear keep you safe this winter?

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Will this knitwear keep you safe this winter?


Ever worn a high vis jacket? Fashionable isn't the first thing that springs to mind. This social impact knitwear brand bridges the gap between safety and style.

Alice Pritchard

Thu 11 Oct 2018

Clever knitwear company Glow & See combines functional fashion with high visibility. Its simple but bold knitted hats and snoods reflect the light after dark, keeping cyclists, runners and walkers safe on city streets.

Fashion designer and founder Comet Chukura is focusing on ‘humans not athletes’, she wants to help the people cycling and exercising who might not be Lycra-clad competitors but who love being outside. 

The wool already has a glass fibre woven in that reflects the light. In the future, the brand want to source this from the UK instead of Germany to make the supply chain more sustainable.

woman in reflective knitted snood
Gllow & See functional knitwear

Image Will Glow & See keep you safe this winter?

“I’m a fashion designer and worked in styling a lot and I cycle around London and volunteer in a drop in centre, so this is all of my passions coming together, explains Chukura. “Functional fashion, enabling women and helping them to make more income and paying them properly that’s what I love.”

Comet is also passionate about disadvantaged women who can use their knitting skills to make a supplementary income and using existing female community groups. Each piece is hand-knitted by the women who are then paid fairly and supported.

The unisex range is suitable for men and women, the former love the hats and Glow & See want to expand into a simple summer range.

“Think UNIQLO meets Reformation meets high tech,” says Chukura. We want to do a simple summer range, so imagine T-shirts and trousers with high vis hem stitching, piping and so on.”