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Ethical Fashion

Everything you need to know about ethical fashion, from the latest brands to all the stats.

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Hurrah, you want to understand more about ethical fashion or find the best ethical clothing brands. Congratulations, you won't look back.

Aside from this page, check out our collections of brands, dive into ethical fashion issues and understand where we're going wrong when it comes to fast fashion.

What are the best ethical clothing brands?

There are hundreds and thousands of ethical clothing brands, from organic cotton T-shirts and underwear to workwear, activewear and knitwear.

Ethical clothing brands are no longer always more expensive.

It takes a bit of knowledge to know how to tell if a fashion brand is ethical or not. An ethical

Most high street brands are not as ethical as you'd hope they are because they:

  • Produce too many clothes - around 140 billion items are produced every year.
  • Have complex or opaque supply chains
  • Use toxic dyes or fabrics with plastics in them
  • Source unsustainable materials which can contribute to deforestation and desertification
  • Send unsold clothes straight to landfill or to be burnt
  • Create clothes from cheap materials which do not biodegrade in landfill
  • Only last a short time rather than being valued for a long time

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How to be more ethical in fashion?

Being more sustainable with your fashion choices doesn't always mean you need to buy new clothes. Being sustainable doesn't always need to cost you more money.

  • Buy secondhand or vintage clothing to reduce demand for new clothes (and new resources)
  • Swap your clothes with friends or family
  • Mend existing clothing or upcycle it into something new
  • Sell your clothes on online platforms so they find new lives out of landfill
  • Look after your clothes better to make them last longer. Keeping clothes in circulation nine months longer reduces their carbon impact by 30%.
  • Wear something at least 30 times to help work off the emissions from its manufacture
  • Wash your clothes less. Yes really, washing clothes uses up more energy, water and releases microplastics into the ocean.
  • Wear more natural materials to reduce the amount of plastic in fashion

Is online shopping sustainable?

We have embraced ethical fashion but often buy it online without thinking of the consequences and the people working in those supply chains.

  • 47% of consumers return items they have bought online which increases the amount of carbon emissions used in transporting goods.
  • Online shopping increases the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Online shopping increases the amount of plastic packaging.
  • Some delivery companies don't have a good reputation when it comes to the wages and benefits of its employees. The gig economy or zero hours contracts do not go and in hand with the Living Wage or job security. A fair supply chain needs to extend to both garment workers and manufacturing and those in distrubution as well.

How to make online shopping more sustainable?

  • Order less. Try and make sure you get the right size first time.
  • Choose brands which commit to plastic free packaging so you can recycle the cardboard.
  • Choose brands who use electric vehicles.
  • Choose independent brands rather than massive multi-nationals, so you can be sure your money is supporting smaller or ethical brands.

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