Ethical Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020: 16 Sustainable Present Ideas

After some great ethical Valentine’s Day gift ideas? These presents are as sustainable as they are special. Whether you need a romantic gift for him, something sentimental for her or you want to treat yourself or a friend this 14 February, our guide will help you show your love in eco friendly fashion.

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Why not choose an ethical gift that will spice up the standard flowers and chocolates, like a lovely living tree, or some cosy vegan cocoa? Would you rather keep to the classics? Your sweetheart will love the scents of our eco candles and soaps. 

Is your heart set helping artisanal crafts and cultures stay alive along with the passion this Valentine’s Day? Pick a sustainably sourced present that supports vulnerable people as well as the planet.

Hand Knitted Beanie Hats, Better Full Stop, £58

Baby it’s cold outside! Give the gift of warm ears this Valentine’s Day. Show your loved one just how much they mean to you this winter with one of these beautiful, hand knitted beanies or treat yourself to one of course! Better Full Stop’s unisex hats are crafted from yarn that is made from 100% recycled fibres, making them eco-friendly soft and so cosy to wear. Every inch of Better Full Stop’s extensive, stylish accessories collection is lovingly handmade in the UK. 

Beeswax wraps, Pretty Bee Fresh, £10-£22

Show the Earth and your Valentine your love with a Pretty Bee Fresh Bees Wax Wrap, the environmentally friendly alternative toplastic and cling film. Sustainable, reusable and biodegradable, these are perfect for a romantic picnic, or as a gift to help a loved one trying to live  a less wasteful life . You can use them to wrap up your leftovers for at least five more days of freshness. Each wrap is rendered from 100% pure cotton, pine resin, organic jojoba oil and beeswax from local bees. You can pick the size, pattern and shape that best suits your sweetheart.

Pretty Bee Fresh is offering 20% off all products for Pebble readers until 1st March. Just use the code LOVE20 at checkout. 

Angela Clutch bag, Raw Angel Apparel, £90

Raw Angel Apparel are giving cupid a hand with their  Angela Clutch bag , the  vegan gift for a graceful Valentine. It comes in a warm, romantic red and is crafted from cork. This makes it extra eco, since the trees it’s taken from are not harmed. They actually absorb five times more CO2 without their bark. These stylish bags are surprisingly spacious and come with an optional adjustable strap. You can promise your special someone that his or her possessions will be protected from water and abrasion in their soft, strong and hypoallergenic pretty present.

Brownlow Bouquet, Red Roses Candle, £15-£30

Want to keep things classy this Valentine’s Day, but find real red roses a little cliche?  The Red Roses Candle by Brownlow Bouquet is a brilliant way to offer your loved one some traditional romance and flowery fragrance but stay eco-friendly. These certified vegan candles are handmade, cruelty free and long lasting. Against animal testing and made from soy, they burn with a beautifully sensual scent. Light this one up while you’re enjoying your delicious Valentine’s Day feast , and dine amongst the roses with your date.

A Jar of Calm Cocoa, Calm Cocoa by Meredith Whitely, £16

Want to keep your Valentine’s Day stress free as well as eco-friendly? Slow down with your sweetheart over a generous Jar Of Calm Cocoa by Meredith Whitely . This is the perfect gift for the hot chocolate lover in your life. These meditative mugfuls are created in small batches using hand-flaked single origin dark chocolate. Each blend is vegan, full of rich romantic flavour and, quite simply, fantastic. The refillable jar is made from recycled glass with a biodegradable cork lid. Select the flavour that best suits your Valentine, from Salted Madagascar to Gingery Jamaica. Give a sustainable sip of serenity this February. 

Life Less Ordinary, Coordinates Bracelet, £19-£21

The Fernweh coordinates range of bracelets from Life Less Ordinary is the romantic, sustainable way to set a special, shared moment in stone. These beautiful, personalised Boho bracelets are handmade in Brighton . This Valentine’s Day gift freezes the fleeting time and location where your memory was made forever. It will be etched onto an Ecuadorian Tagua Nut, also known as ethical ivory. The eco connections and the love does not stop there. Life Less Ordinary work with Indigo volunteers , a charity that partners volunteers with humanitarian projects.

Freedom Brewery, Lager Gift Set, £25

Freedom Brewery are bringing lager freedom to the people. As the original craft lager specialists , they’ve been brewing their way since 1995, no gimmicks, no compromise. Independent. Natural. Sustainable. This is beer as it could and should be. Get ready to fall in love with lager all over again.

Located in Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, all of Freedom’s beers are naturally carbonated, long matured, unpasteurised and completely vegan friendly . Freedom use their own spring water located at the brewery to add a unique character to all their beers.  Check out our behind the scenes feature from the brewery.

Billfold Wallet, Elvis & Kresse, £75

This ethical Valentine’s Day gift will get some eco-friendly flames flying this Feb! The Billfold Wallet by Elvis & Kresse can be easily wiped clean and is water resistant. That’s because every inch of material used is 100% rescued and reused, from London’s decommissioned fire-hoses to the reclaimed military-grade parachute silk used as lining. Available in romantic red or lovely yellow, you can make your sustainable present extra special by personalising it with a message, name or initials. 50% of all profits from this 100% vegan Valentine’s gift is donated to The Fire Fighters Charity.

Love Heart Shaped Bay Tree Gift, Tree2MyDoor, £46.98

Send a gift that keeps on giving as it grows this Valentine’s day. Treat the planet and your loved one to a living and award-winning tree from Tree2mydoor. Their Heart Shaped Bay Tree has been hand shaped by devoted gardeners to create the uniquely styled trunk. Going to show you care by cooking for your Beau too? The aromatic evergreen leaves will fill your romantic recipe with fresh new flavours. This is an ethical gift with a difference, since it will last as a token of your love for years to come. Have it delivered gift-wrapped, with a choice of personalised greetings card.

Reusable Glass Coffee/Tea Cup, Hemming & Wills, £14.95

A gift for any Valentine who loves their caffeine . This Reusable Glass Neon Kactus cup by Hemming & Wills  will keep your special someone cosy and sustainable. It’s fully insulated and comes in a sophisticated, understated grey that will go with any pair of gloves. The thick, durable, ergonomic design means that your hot date can keep their hot drinks warm for a few winters to come. Its borosilicate glass and uniquely textured silicone sleeve are splash proof to prevent spillages. Non-toxic, permeable and planet-friendly, he or she will stay healthy and happy. The climate is the only thing this cup will cool!

Bean & Boy, Gin and Tonic Soap, Available From Plastic Freedom, £4.95

Want to show a gin lover you love them? This bar of Gin & Tonic Soap from Bean & Boy, available from Plastic Freedom, boasts a blend of juniper, rosemary and orange essential oils. Like any classy cocktail , the layers compliment one another. The light cream section moisturises while the deep green segment nourishes. Enriched with spirulina and citrus, your valentine will enjoy fully vegan boost of vitamins and antioxidants. It’s cold pressed, cured and handmade with the finest 100% natural ingredients. Packaged in brown paper, this sustainable soap will shower your planet and your special someone with love.

Daisy Bag, Kayu, £199.77

Fancy a romantic outing this February 14th? The sustainable straw  Daisy Bag by Kayu  is designed for a Valentine who loves her  vintage look  and a long day spent outside. The leather handles make it easy to carry and the versatile crossbody strap is removable. As well as being fashionable and practical, this is the ultimate ethical gift for her. It is handcrafted by women artisans in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. So, as well as pampering your loved one, you will be preserving and promoting unique cultures and providing workers with a  living wage.

Cicely Cliff, Coral Maze Bracelet, £55

Look to  Cicely Cliff  for a luxurious gift that gives new life and love to e-waste. This beautiful and bespoke  Coral Maze Bracelet  is the way to make your Beau feel cared for, without costing the earth this Valentine’s Day. Designed using 100% recycled silver, recovered from old electronics, it is inspired by the coral reefs in the Balinese seas. This gift will arrive in a handcrafted wooden box, built from repurposed wood offcuts. This present is the planet-friendly way to redefine luxury. If you wanted to give your sweetheart a real treat, this exclusive Coral Reef design comes in a set as well.

Skar Organics, Organic Orange Spice + Candle, £35

Candles are a classic Valentine’s Day gift and Skar Organics has put an exciting sustainable spin on them. Their Organic Orange Spice + Candle is the UK’s first ever certified organic candle. So, your Valentine won’t have to compromise his or her values to enjoy a warm, wintery fragrance. The FSC certified wick is naturally processed, and the ingredients include a blend of organic beeswax, coconut and other essential oils . There’ll be aromatherapy along with romance in the air when you burn this beauty. Enjoy the sweet mild notes like Orange, Cinnamon, Frankincense and Clove with love.

Fran Belt Bag, From Belo, £75

This Beautiful Fran Belt Bag from From Belo is a great gift for a Valentine who likes to keep their values as intact as their valuables. Your special someone stash their possessions safely in this sustainable bag. Made from refurbished materials that were destined for landfill, like fabric off-cuts and decommissioned seat belts, it will fight fast fashion as well as ignite passion. When you give this gift to him or her, you will be helping the community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, who build these award-winning pieces. This bag donates four meals to the ones in need at our partner charity Casa de Maria, who are working to alleviate homelessness in this region.

Pebble Readers can enjoy an exclusive 10% off any purchase when they use the code PEBBLE10 at checkout (valid until 14 February at midnight).

Black Tee, Rozenbroek, £40

After a foolproof eco-friendly gift for him? You can’t go wrong with a classic black T-shirt. Rozenbroek has reimagined this stylish staple to be truly sustainable. Their Black Tee is made from organic bamboo yarn and elastane, it’s vegan and it’s handmade in Rozenbroek’s very own solar-powered factory in Yorkshire. This piece is designed to be durable, so your date will be able to keep the style and the romance around for years to come. Any fabric offcuts will be fashioned into tote bags and scrunchies, so you won’t have to worry about waste when you give your guy this ethical gift. 

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