How You Can Help Australia Survive The Fires

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How You Can Help Australia Survive The Fires


It’s easy to feel helpless watching fires ravage Australia from afar. Rather than falling into despair, let’s focus on supporting our friends down under. Any positive action, big or small, will help lift your hopes and spirits and ease the suffering of those affected by the catastrophe. Here are some ideas.

Phoebe Young

Thu 9 Jan 2020

Australia is still battling an unprecedented outbreak of fires. 

Triggered by record-high temperatures and widespread drought, they have devastated the country, killing at least 25 people and millions of animals. Since the fires started back in September, thousands of homes and habitats have been annihilated as well.

Australia is still battling an unprecedented outbreak of fires.

How Can You Help Australia?

However far away you live, there are ways you can help the relief efforts in Australia and show empathy and support for those directly affected by the fires. 

Donating to various causes and organisations is a great way to lend a hand. 

Numerous celebrities have started facebook fundraising pages. Actor and comedian Celeste Barber, for example, has started a Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund. 

If there is a specific element of the catastrophe that is more upsetting to you, why not donate to a charity or an organisation working to alleviate it? 

The Australian Red Cross, for example, is helping the thousands of Aussies who have been displaced from their homes and are seeking refuge in recovery centres. 

If you’d rather your money literally went towards putting out flames, then the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) and the Country Fire Authority in Victoria are your best bet. NSW RFS are also involved in supporting families who have lost loved ones.

Your money could go towards putting out the flames

How To Help The Animals In Australia

If it’s the harm to wildlife and natural habitats that really gets to you, then try supporting one or several of these organisations: 

koala asleep on branch

MIllions of koalas have been wiped out across Australia

Don't Despair If You Cannot Donate 

If you are unable to make a donation don't despair! Sharing any of the above information in person or on social media will help get the message out to those who are able to put money towards aid services. 

Another great message to spread is that Airbnb will be offering free accommodation to evacuees from 16th Jan 2020. Check out their pages to find emergency housing for survivors in NSW or Victoria.

If you are currently living or travelling in Australia, then many of the above organisations would welcome your volunteering efforts too.

open door

Airbnb will be offering free accomodation to evacuees

This Is Why Sustainability Matters Now More Than Ever

Yes, Australia may have a history of, and a predisposition for, bushfires. This year’s are different. They are happening on an unprecedented level and countless scientific bodies attribute their extremity to climate change. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change considers it extremely likely that the increase in the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases since the mid-20th century is the main reason Australia is growing hotter.

If you’re looking for motivation to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, then let this spur you on! We have all kinds of great resources to help you get greener in 2020. 

It could be as small or simple as incorporating more vegan swaps into your routine, reducing your waste, or softening your carbon footprint. If you are ready to take a bigger step, why not start to rethink the way you travel or get involved in activism?

As well as taking part in climate strikes and marches, you could lobby your local political representative to take more sustainable measures in your area, like improving recycling and public transport facilities. 

If your favourite brands are not as eco friendly as they could be, then lean on them to make their manufacturing processes, ingredients, practices or supply chains greener as well.  

Making any of these adjustments in your personal life will mean that you, as an individual, will be lessening your contribution to the global warming that has catalysed the fires in Australia.

burning plants

Countless scientific bodies attribute the fires to climate change.

The Better Side Of Humanity Comes Out In A Crisis

Natural disasters are renowned for bringing out the best and the worst sides of humanity, and plenty of inspirational figures have emerged from this one. 

A group from the Newport Islamic Society, for example, cooked meals for exhausted firefighters and plenty of video footage has emerged of people braving the flames to rescue Koalas. 

Terrible as the fires are, the take away from this can be to celebrate instances of human heroism and double down on our efforts to help the climate crisis.

Red rock, sunset and desert

Let's double down our efforts to help the climate crisis

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