Plastic Focused Artwork Takes Over Billboards Across The UK

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Plastic Focused Artwork Takes Over Billboards Across The UK


Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 16 Jul 2020

To celebrate 10 years on from the Plastiki Expedition (a boat built from recycled plastic that sailed across the pacific in 2010 creating
awareness of plastic pollution and the importance of the oceans), one of the project's founders, Tia Grazette, has created a nationwide exhibition around living with plastic, with work from 15 artists being shown across billboards in the UK.

If you've been to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle recently you might have seen arresting images around plastic use being shown across huge digital billboards, from soft pastel drawings of all the plastic bottles we don't need, to the rainbow coloured melted slick, named Mermaid Vomit.

Billboard of plastic free artwork

Designs from 15 artists have gone up all over the UK's billboards

plastic free art on a billboard


Artists from all over the world have taken part and include Aaron Axelrod, musician, actress, artist and environmental advocate Lois Winstone, illustrator Todd Francis and Tia Grazette. Each artist's work carries the message that we're drowning in plastic and we need urgent action, by all of us everywhere.

The Story of Plastic: New Documentary Explores Plastic's Firm Grip Over Us All

plastic free art on billboards at night

Keep your eye out for the plastic free exhibition across billboards

As well as the art being displayed on billboards to remind and encourage the general public to live with less plastic, several original art works and prints will be available to buy online including the Seawatercolour-insult-bottles series by Paul Davis and his limited edition Seawater-bottle sculpture.

Have you seen one of the billboards? Let us know in the comments below.