New Sustainable Brand Directory Opens Online

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It’s now even easier to find ethical brands online and shop sustainably.

Blue Patch’s new online directory features both makers and service providers, allowing people to discover and connect with outstanding sustainable businesses.

Shopping like this keep money within local communities as well as cutting carbon miles.

Blue Patch offers inspiration and allows users to buy directly from small businesses and their official stockists that include handcrafted furniture, plastic-free paint, heritage ceramics, ethical fashionecological cleaning products and courses ranging from sustainability to seasonal cooking.

There are also insurance, logistics, construction, investing and energy experts on board.

All of Blue Patch’s members care about their communities and are actively doing their part to be kinder to the planet and contribute to the green economy.

Plus as a social enterprise, 100% of Blue Patch’s surplus income is invested in renewable energy. Blue Patch aims to become one of the most planet-positive businesses in the world.

One of the businesses listed, Nafisi Studio down in Sussex, hand craft Sussex Chairs, very much in the spirit of William Morris, they use wood locally sourced, often using offcuts and reclaimed pieces over fresh timber.

Nafisi Studio also runs the workshop on renewable energy! Abdollah was recently seen on the BBC TWO series ‘The Victorian House of Arts & Crafts’.

Jane Langley, founder of the social enterprise Blue Patch comments, “The pandemic has highlighted fragilities in our economy especially when it comes to supply chains, it has also given us time to pause, and reflect on the world we inhabit.

Our worlds have just become much smaller. With shop closures and restrictions, we’ve had to become more creative in the way we shop, and with more time we are scrutinising practices, and there is real appetite for businesses to reflect our values especially around kindness and the environment.

At Blue Patch, these are the values we want to showcase as such, the businesses that we promote have to demonstrate these credentials.”

Find lingerie and ethical fashion, eco-friendly cleaning products, plastic free toys, food, drink and lots more on the Blue Patch directory and make your home a greener one.