5 Sustainable Fashion Books You Need To Read

Read up about the good and bad of the fashion industry with these sustainable fashion books. Whether it's books on ethical fashion or learning about the fast fashion crisis, it's all here.

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There is no end to the list of impactful ethical fashion books which can help you get to grips with the fashion industry’s global impact and solutions.

Read on to discover books on slow fashion, ethical fashion and the problems associated with fast fashion.

Get inspired and learn how to build an ethical wardrobe with these sustainable fashion books.

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5 Sustainable Fashion Books You Need To Read

1. Is It Really Green? Everyday Eco Dilemmas Answered by Georgina Wilson Powell

Read pebble’s founder, Georgina’s, guide to saving our earth by making smarter choices and really diving into what we can improve in today’s economy. There are many ideas on ethical shopping from where to go, what it’s made of, and how to recycle your products. Voted IndyBest 2021.

2. Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good by Elizabeth L. Cline

This well-rated book is a style guide and wake up call to fashion and its impact on our earth.

Elizabeth L. Cline is able to share her personal experience as insight to “make your dream ethical wardrobe”.

3. To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? by Lucy Siegle

Ethical Living columnist, Lucy Siegle, describes the harmful impacts of everyday clothing and advises us to take more responsibility and dive deeper into the issue of unsustainable clothing in To Die For.

4. Loved Clothes Last by Orsola de Castro

This book is full of inventive and useful ways to repair, renew, and recycle clothing.

Learn to make your favorite clothing pieces last longer to be able to make smarter and more sustainable choices when purchasing new ones in the informative book.

5. Wardrobe Crisis: How we went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion by Clare Press

Fashion journalist Clare Press, explores the idea in Wardrobe Crisis that we really don’t know where our clothes are coming from by expanding on her knowledge of history, ethics, and the origins of fashion.

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