11 Zero Waste Stores In London For Plastic-Free Pantry Refills

The Best Zero Waste Shops London Has To Offer Those Seeking A Low-Waste Lifestyle

Wondering how to ditch plastic packaging and shop more sustainably? 

With zero waste shops in London you can do just that—and Big Smoke has some of the best. 

From bulk refills of store cupboard staples to plastic-free switches for your zero waste kitchen or bathroom, the UK’s capital has plenty of sustainable-shopping alternatives. 

Whether you’re a London local or hitting the city for a day out shopping, we’ve rounded up the best zero waste stores London offers. 

The Best Zero Waste Shops London, UK, For Plastic-Free Shopping

For a quick and easy zero waste shopping experience, London’s Kilo offers a self-checkout app for use when stocking up on sustainable supplies. 

The Refill Larder in Teddington is one of the best zero waste grocery stores in London for dried goods refills as well as eco-friendly household and cleaning products. 

If you’re after some zero waste food-to-go, head to one of Planet Organic’s stores to refuel before checking out their Unpackaged range of organic store cupboard essentials.

London has a growing collection of zero waste shops dotted across the city, so if you’ve been wondering, “Is there a sustainable shop near me?” chances are, if you’re in the big smoke, they’ll be one just around the corner. 

Discover zero waste London with our full list of stores, or jump to the bottom to find out why we love getting loose with the best packaging-free zero waste shops London has on offer.

1. Kilo

Zero Waste Stores London by Kilo
Images by Kilo

About Kilo Zero Waste Store, London

A woman-founded zero waste store in London, Kilo aims to make your packaging free shopping experience as hassle-free as possible.

They’ve partnered with Weyify to offer a bespoke app that remembers the weight of your containers, so there’s no more math at the checkout. 

If you’re short on time, their Jar Drop service lets you drop your empty containers off to be refilled by the Kilo team while you take care of your other errands.

Kilo sources locally and fair trade when possible.

Kilo’s Product Range

From baking supplies and beverages to eco-friendly toiletries and cleaning products, you’ll find all manner of bulk and package-free goods on offer from this North London zero waste shop.

Stock up on some granola to fuel your mornings, loose herbs and spices to jazz up your home cooking, or satisfy your sweet cravings with a tempting selection of snacks and sweet treats—vegan and organic chocolate salted hazelnuts, anyone?

Location: Holloway

2. The Refill Larder

Zero Waste Stores London by The Refill Larder
Images by The Refill Larder

About The Refill Larder Zero Waste Shop, London

Say goodbye to the supermarket and hello to sustainable shopping with The Refill Larder on Teddington High Street.

Open seven days a week, this iconic zero waste shop is a popular destination for those seeking to ditch single-use plastic and support sustainable companies.

The Refill Larder makes zero waste shopping a breeze with click and collect, home delivery options, and an online store.

The Refill Larder’s Product Range 

You’ll find plenty of pantry staples, including organic flour, cereals, nuts, grains, seeds, dried fruit, pulses, pasta, rice, oils, herbs, spices, and more. 

They also stock bathroom essentials and eco cleaning products with a dedicated zero waste refill section. 

Bring along your own containers or purchase some glass jars and bottles to get started. 

Location: Teddington

3. Zero Waste Bulk Foods

Zero Waste Stores London by Zero Waste Bulk Foods
Images by Zero Waste Bulk Foods

About Zero Waste Bulk Foods Zero Waste Shop, London 

Zero Waste Bulk Foods provides a delivery service across the UK using reusable fabric bags.

Send the bags back to them in the pre-paid envelope provided, and they’ll clean and reuse them. They also use Kraft paper bags for powdery items like flour and spices. 

London orders are delivered by PackFleet, and local orders are by bicycle. You can also collect from them if you’re local. 

Big on organic, they’re certified by the Soil Association and work with ethical suppliers who share their values. 

Zero Waste Bulk Foods’ Product Range 

ZWBF is a one-stop shop for all your London zero waste shopping needs. 

You’ll find plenty of pantry staples, specialty products like regeneratively-farmed flour, and a British-grown section featuring cereals, grains, pasta, and seeds. 

Non-food items include cleaning products and zero waste kitchen items like food wraps and glass jars. 

They also have a Health and Beauty section offering zero waste shampoo bars, soap, zero waste dental care, menstrual care, and more. 

Location: Leyton Industrial Village

4. Refill Therapy

Zero Waste Stores London by Refill Therapy
Images by Refill Therapy

About Refill Therapy Zero Waste Shops, London 

In need of some for retail therapy? 

Then pop down to one of the Refill Therapy stores – near Hackney Wick Station or in the East Village, Stratford, where they want “to make waste reduction and single-use plastic elimination effortless for all”

They’re also committed to local sourcing whenever possible and as an ethical employer, care about their team members.

Refill Therapy’s Product Range 

From organic beans to vegan cheese, you’ll find all manner of store cupboard staples, snacks, sweets, and a sizable frozen section. 

They also offer a large selection of health and beauty supplies, eco-friendly cleaning products, glass jars, candles, and more. 

Location: Hackney Wick & Stratford 

5. Planet Organic

Zero Waste Stores London by Planet Organic
Images by Planet Organic

About Planet Organic Zero Waste Shops, London 

A one-stop shop for all your organic grocery needs, Planet Organic leads the way as the first zero edible food waste business.

Leftover food is redistributed via Olio and Too Good To Go, and anything inedible is composted and sent to local regenerative agriculture farms. 

Their Unpackaged range, available in most of their stores, offers packaging-free refills of organic store cupboard staples.

The packaging for their own brand products and online orders is home compostable, as are their takeaway food and drinks containers (which you can leave in-store). 

Planet Organics’ Product Range 

One of the best zero waste shops in London for stocking up on organic produce, Planet Organics’ fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, and eggs), own brand products, and kitchens are all Soil Association certified organic. 

As well as food and drink, you’ll find beauty and zero waste skin care products, health and well-being products, including rarer items like supplements and sports drinks, and household products for cleaning and a plastic-free lifestyle.

You can also grab some healthy food-to-go from one of their hot counters available at six of their stores. 

Location: 9 Stores Across London

6. BYO London

Zero Waste Stores London by BYO London
Images by BYO London

About BYO London Zero Waste Refill Store, London 

Bring your own reusable containers to BYO London’s Refill Station at Tooting Market and stock up on pantry and household supplies. 

On a mission to do away with plastic waste and waste in general, BYO offers the local community a place to shop more sustainably. 

They encourage you to fill your boots (or rather jars, bottles, and bags) and be a part of the transition to a zero waste culture. 

BYO London’s Product Range 

From cereals and ethical chocolate to sustainable teas and toiletries, you’ll find all the essentials in stock at this zero waste store in London.

Many of the products they sell are organic, and they have some handy zero waste accessories, like washing-up loofahs, cotton totes, and stainless steel straws. 

Location: Tooting Market

7. Swop Market

Zero Waste Stores London by Swop Market
Images by Swop Market

About Swop Market Zero Waste Shop, London 

Swop (Shop Without Packaging) brings zero waste shopping to Lee Green.

The business was founded by two mums who were so tired of all the plastic packaging everywhere they decided to open their own zero waste grocery store. 

They’re committed to ethical sourcing and prioritize fairtrade, organic, and local products. All products are vegetarian or vegan, and if they don’t stock something you want, let them know, and they’ll try and get it in. 

Swop Market’s Product Range 

You’ll find all sorts of store cupboard essentials, including beans, pulses, nuts, and seeds in gravity dispensers. Pop along with your own reusable containers and get refilling!

They also offer bread and patisserie goods (unwrapped), cleaning refills, a selection of health and beauty products, and products for a zero waste lifestyle like reusable cups. 

Location: Lee Green

8. Jarr Market

Zero Waste Stores London by Jarr Market
Images by Jarr Market

About Jarr Market Zero Waste Shops, London 

Take your jars (or tupperware, bottles, and bags) to Jarr Market in Herne Hill or Stoke Newington and stock up on zero waste food, kitchen and bathroom essentials. 

Aiming to cut waste completely, they work with suppliers that close the loop by taking back and refilling bulk containers. Any packaging they are left with is recycled via a partnership with First Mile

The Herne Hill store offers a delivery service within a 2-mile radius and a click and collect service if you live further away. 

Jarr Market’s Product Range 

A one-stop shop for zero waste groceries, London’s Jarr Market locations offer all the basics and more. 

The Stoke Newington store has a frozen section offering fruit, vegetables, and veggie burgers.

You’ll also find toiletries and cleaning products, and more generic zero waste lifestyle products to reduce single-use reliance, including plastic-free water bottles and coffee cups, at both stores. 

Location: Herne Hill and Stoke Newington

9. The Source Bulk Foods

Zero Waste Stores London by The Source Bulk Foods
Images by The Source Bulk Foods

About The Source Bulk Food Zero Waste Shops, London 

With six stores across the city, The Source Bulk Foods is one of the best zero waste grocery stores in London for refilling your plastic-free pantry.

They opened their first zero waste stores in Battersea and Chiswick five years ago, and you can now also find them in Putney, Richmond, West Hampstead, and Crouchend. 

If you join their Source Rewards Program, you’ll get back 5% of each pound you spend, as well as access to exclusive offers via their newsletter.

The Source Bulk Foods’ Product Range 

At any of their six locations across London, shop without packaging across a huge range of 100% plastic-free bulk products, including all your store cupboard basics, plus snacks and treats.

The Source prioritizes local suppliers and caters to different diets with dairy-free, gluten-free, organic, paleo, and vegan-friendly options.

As well as zero waste food, you’ll find toiletries and cleaning products, as well as bottles and jars for storing your supplies. 

Location: 6 stores across London

10. Get Loose

Zero Waste Stores London by Get Loose
Images by Get Loose

About Get Loose Zero Waste Shop, London 

Get down to Hackney City Farm and get loose with some packaging free goodies at Get Loose

This zero waste shop is a social enterprise run by volunteers, and profits go towards various community projects.

They’re committed to tackling waste in their supply chain, and you can read about their suppliers’ waste reduction strategies on their blog alongside detailed Producer Spotlights

If you don’t have your own containers, no stress. They have plenty of clean, pre-weighed jars and bottles for you to start filling. 

Get Loose’s Product Range

You’ll find gravity dispensers and scoop-and-weigh tubs full of cereals, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, baking supplies, pasta, pulses, rice, and more. 

They also sell honey, syrups, drinks, sweet treats, spreads, and sauces. 

Their vegan section includes plant-based cheese and milk, including bulk oat milk. Bring your own bottle or grab one from the Get Loose bottle bank. 

Beyond food, you’ll find cleaning product refills, toiletries, and zero waste home items like sponge cloths and safety razors. 

Location: Hackney City Farm

11. Gather

Zero Waste Stores London by Gather
Images by Gather

About Gather Zero Waste Shop, London 

Our list of London zero waste stores wouldn’t be complete without Peckham’s award-winning Gather, a social enterprise committed to putting “purpose before profit”. 

Gather aims to source as locally as possible and takes great care when choosing ethical and sustainable suppliers to work with. 

They also go the extra mile with ethical banking, renewable energy, and kitting the shop out with secondhand furniture and electronics. You can read more about how they are making a difference in their latest Impact Report

Gather’s Product Range

Bring your own containers and fill them up with cereals, grains, oils, pasta, pulses, nuts, seeds, tea, coffee, baking supplies, and more.

You’ll also find cleaning products and a selection of items for a zero waste lifestyle, like solid shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable straws, glass storage containers, and more. 

Location: Peckham

Why Choose To Shop At Zero Waste Shops In London

Unnecessary packaging is wasteful and contributes to the dire plastic pollution problem.

And Londoners are no exception, generating an average of two million plastic water bottles of waste every day—and that’s just water bottles!

UK-wide estimates suggest five million tonnes of plastic are used every year, nearly half of which is packaging.

How can you stop contributing to this and avoid the vast amount of plastic packaging lining the supermarket shelves, your food cupboards, and fridge?

Along with popping down to your local farmer’s market, choosing to stock up at zero waste food shops is a great place to start. Not only does it help reduce single-use packaging, but it also supports small independent businesses that are striving to make a positive impact. 

Many of the London zero waste shops on our list take great care when choosing their suppliers, so you’re also supporting sustainable and ethical brands, many of them local. 

If those aren’t enough reasons, how about the fact that many of the stores are big on organic, meaning your store cupboard supplies are a better deal for you and the planet?

Closing Thoughts On Zero Waste Stores London, UK

The zero waste movement is growing, and the UK capital is joining in with an increasing number of zero waste shops that cater to conscious consumers on a quest for a low-waste lifestyle. 

While going zero waste isn’t going to happen overnight, by stocking up at zero waste shops, we’re helping to cut down on plastic and food waste, and supporting local businesses who put people and the planet before profit. 

Not in London?

Then have a look at our list of the best zero waste shops in the UK. You can also shop online with one of the many zero waste online stores and stock up on plastic-free essentials with a couple of clicks. 

Some deliver to your door, while others operate a convenient click-and-collect system.
Share this article with fellow low-waste-loving Londinians and help spread the word about the best zero waste shops in London for refilling your cupboards without packaging woes.