Cool Kicks: The Best Vegan Shoes For Summer

Whether you’re vegan, planet-conscious or just love a good pair of sleek trainers, we’ve got you covered - here’s our pick of gorgeous vegan shoes for summer.

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Whether you’re after vegan leather sandals, cruelty free kicks or awesome espadrilles that don’t harm the planet, we know just the brand that’ll make you kick up your heels in delight.

The Best Vegan Shoes For Summer

1. NAK

Made by eco-conscious Italian artisans for NAK (No Animal Killed), these stunning Sarah Sneakers bridge that tricky gap between beautiful and practical.

From the vibrant blue faux suede to the chunky platform sole, they’re certainly trainers with flair – and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed.

NAK’s vegan leather is waterproof, breathable, durable and lightweight (not to mention cruelty-free). What’s not to love?


Hello there, Vegan Sunflower Blanket Stitch Riviera Stripe for men.

Try saying that when you’ve had a couple of gin and tonics.

With a name that evokes picnics, holidays and lazing in the sun, these gorgeous yellow TOMS are a summer staple and one of our favourite sustainable shoe brands around.

TOMS’ incredible One for One® promise means that when you treat yourself to a pair, they give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

With all their amazing programmes and partnerships, TOMS are truly a brand going above and beyond. As if you needed any more reason to snap up some of these sunny yellow classics!

3. Po-Zu

Po-Zu’s vegan lace-up trainers are the perfect minimalist shoe for guys, made from sleek black linen with a natural rubber sole.

Their renewable materials are pesticide, bleach and toxic dye-free – so they’re not just a pretty face.

These fab trainers are also probably some of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own, due to their secret weapon: the super-pliable Foot Mattress sole, made from coconut fibres (yes, really!).

(Read more about how Po-Zu creates sustainable sneakers).

But Po-Zu don’t just do trainers.

For women we’re in love with the Kate Silver peep-toe boots.

We’re a sucker for unusual textiles, and these metallic beauties are made from Piñatex – a sustainable textile made from pineapple leaf fibres.

The fibres are simply a handy by-product from the pineapple harvest in the Philippines – meaning no extra land or resources are needed to produce them. As if these boots could get any better.

4. Third Oak

Picture the scene. It’s a sweltering midsummer day at the beach, you’ve got an ice cream in hand and the sea lapping at your feet – but the mountains of sand in your trainers are kinda ruining the moment.

Ditch the trainers and grab a pair of these lightweight vegan, cruelty-free flip flops from Third Oak.

With a nature-inspired colour palette, the Scout Moss Gold sandals are the perfect addition to any holiday – pop a pair in your suitcase today.

(Discover other sustainable swaps for your suitcase here).

5. Bourgeois Boheme

We love a monotone sneaker here at pebble – who doesn’t?

Vegan shoe brand, Bourgeois Boheme, have found a way to improve with their vegan friendly, Pinatex trainers.

The street-style Stevie comes in black and white combo and a silver version, it’s a slip-on that has an elastic band and a cork insole for maximum comfort.

Even better? They’re unisex, so snap up a pair for yourself, your parents, your siblings and your next-door-neighbour.

6. Avarcas

Versatile, timeless and effortlessly cool, these beautiful vegan Avarcas (the traditional footwear of Menorca) are definitely a firm favourite.

Pons, a close knit family business based in Ciutadella, have been creating these artisan Avarcas since 1945 – and judging by their beautiful footwear, they clearly know what they’re doing.

The vegan range is new this year and caters to sandal lovers who don’t want to wear leather.

Fancy a change from sleek black? This classic style also comes in caramel, grey and taupe.

Check out our Vegan Shoes section for more ideas!

7. Sylven New York

Apples and coconuts in a sneaker? Sylven New York have done it.

Named the Mel, the stylish sneaker is indeed made from apple leather and coconut husks with a natural rubber sole to celebrate the brand’s pivot to 100% vegan and plant-based leathers by the end of 2021.

Winning in three separate categories in the 2020 Global Footwear Awards, these innovative shoes took two and a half years to source and produce.

Each pair is handcrafted in Italy and comfortable too. Choose from two colours including Black & Oat and White & Scarlet.

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