Mop Up: Clean Living Eco-Friendly Mop Review

pebble Features Editor Francesca Brooking tested Clean Living’s Multi Mop Cleaning System to see if this eco-friendly mop is up to the task of keeping floors sparkling without the carbon footprint.

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Mopping up your environmental footprint in the home?

Consider switching to an eco-friendly mop. It’s an easy way to have a greener cleaning routine without much effort.

But what’s the best sustainable mop out there?

A big contender for the top spot is Clean Living. Its Multi Mop Cleaning System is an all in one eco bundle boasting all your floor cleaning needs.

It comes with four reusable mop pads that tackle a variety of hard surfaces around the home.

The brand’s biological floor cleaning solution is included in its signature concentrated form. All that and it promises a lifetime guarantee too so you never have to be in the market for a mop again…

In this review, I dive into the benefits of switching to an environmentally friendly mop and whether Clean Living’s mop is worth the hype.

What is Clean Living’s Multi Mop Cleaning System?

Clean Living’s Multi Mop Cleaning System is an all in one eco-friendly floor cleaning bundle featuring a mop, reusable mop pads and a non-toxic and cleaning solution in concentrate form which you then add water.

Just like the rest of Clean Living’s range, the kit helps you keep a clean home free of harsh chemicals and plastic waste.

In fact, there’s no single-use plastic at all.

The biological floor cleaner comes in sachets which you decant into the empty aluminium bottle provided and send used sachets back to Clean Living for free to be recycled in the envelope provided.

This eco-friendly mop head and handle have a lifetime guarantee which means you should only ever need to buy the mop once and you’re set.

You can then replace the microfibre mop pads separately when the time comes.

The biological floor cleaner eco-friendly mopping solution can be set up as a flexible subscription so you never run out and there’s no last-minute dash to the shops. Refill subscriptions start at £1.67 per sachet.

What you get in the Clean Living cleaning bundle:

  • 1 x adjustable mop handle
  • 1 x lockable mop base
  • 1 x dry mop pad
  • 1 x wet mop pad
  • 1 x heavy duty mop pad
  • 1 x glass cleaning mop pad
  • 1 x multi-use scrubby
  • 1 x 300ml bottle for biological floor cleaner
  • 5 x 30ml sachets biological floor cleaner

Why should you use an eco-friendly mop?

It can take a lot of plastic to clean your home, including bottles, cloths and sponges.

Even mops tend to be made from plastic and if not, sooner or later the mop head gets so dirty from use that you end up having to throw it away anyway.

A lot of mops just aren’t meant to last either, whether it’s the disposable heads or bits of string that fall out as you drag it across the floor – contributing to more pollution in landfills!

And then what about the conventional cleaner we mop the floor with?

Most ones are filled with toxic chemicals with fumes that pollute the air with Volatile Organic Compounds.

They’re harmful to humans and pets, and harmful to aquatic life when they’re poured down the drain.

And another thing? These chemicals are non-biodegradable so they build up in the environment over time.

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How does an eco-friendly mop work?

A good sustainable mop needs to be durable and effective as well as made from eco-friendly materials.

It should make your cleaning routine easier for thinking about the planet – not harder.

Clean Living strives to make this possible with an adjustable, lightweight handle and flexible mop head. There’s still some plastic but the lifetime guarantee makes it worthwhile.

The four different mop pads and multi-use scrubby is designed to tackle all hard surface cleaning tasks around the home so it’s fewer products and cleaning tools in the cupboard.

The biological cleaner that comes with it has a plant-based formula containing live healthy bacteria that eats up odour emitting dirt and grime on floors.

This makes it long-lasting, biodegradable and safe to use around the home.

Once used, the mop pads and scrubby don’t need to go in the bin like Swiffer or similar brands.

They can be put in the washing machine at 60 degrees celsius and hang dried. It’s not recommended to wash them with fabric softener or bleach as they could ruin the microfibre materials.

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Where can you use your Clean Living mop?

Clean Living’s biological Multi Mop Cleaning System is designed to be just that – multi-use. This means it can be used effectively on a range of different hard surfaces, clearing up any dust, hairs and general grime.

The interchangeable pads also allow you to dry mop, wet mop or lift stubborn marks depending on what the situation calls for.

The only caveat is that Clean Living’s biological multi-purpose cleaner may be better suited to cleaning windows than its biological floor cleaner just to be on the safe side.

Hard surfaces around the home include:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Laminate flooring
  • Windows
  • Bathroom floors
  • Granite floors
  • Tiled floors

Clean Living eco-friendly mop review

Clean Living’s Multi Mop Cleaning System comes unassembled in an easy to deliver box.

It’s easy to assemble though and the only bits you need to put together are the mop head and handle. All you need to do is push them together until it locks in place.

The mop is made of aluminium so it feels lightweight and easy to carry. You just have to be a little mindful not to bash it or use it too roughly so as not to bend or dent it – particularly where it joins with the mop head.

The handle is adjustable by loosening the top part anticlockwise and then pulling gently to extend more of the length. You can then fasten it securely by tightening it clockwise.

This is a useful feature as it allows multiple people to use the mop comfortably. Plus, it makes it easier to adjust the height depending on whether you’re cleaning floors or windows.

The mop pads are attached to the head with velcro. They stick on very well despite being pushed around the floor.

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I did have some trouble identifying which mop pad was for what though. The instruction manual provided didn’t have that information so I had to go back to the website and figure it out.

Perhaps, I’m not as familiar with the ways of mop heads as I should be. I’ve only ever really used a wet mop and a dry mop so a choice of four mop pads is quite a step up.

Even so, I would have liked to have seen a diagram or number system to make sure I got it right.

A big win for me was how flexible the mop head was.

I could twist the handle and the head would turn vertical or horizontal, allowing me to fit it in areas that would have otherwise not accommodated it. Awkward nooks and crannies begone!

For the purpose of this review, I cleaned the floors of my flat first with the microfibre dry mop pad and then the wet mop pad.

I haven’t yet used the window mop or heavy-duty pads. As an FYI, all of my floors are laminated wood except for the bathroom which is tiled.

Here’s how I got on:

The dry mop pad

Okay, I admit I did cheat a bit here. I had already swept up most of the bits on the floor before applying the dry mop head. Admittedly, I was unaware I had a dry mop head included in the bundle!

Nevertheless, I did give my floors a once over with the dry mop and I was surprised by how much more dust and particles it picked up.

There’s definitely a lot more dirt than meets the eye and with this dry mop head, I was able to give my floors a much more thorough clean.

You can dispose of the dirt collected straight in the bin and pop the pad straight in the wash. One factor to note – take the pad off whilst standing over the bin so any falling bits don’t end up on the floor again.

This mop is ideally suited to giving your floors a quick tidy up. It catches hairs too so it’s great for moulting pets – and people!

I would avoid using it on wet mess though as you’ll only spread it around the floor. Stick to dry grime and you’re safe.

The wet mop

Since I didn’t have particularly dirty floors, I went for the wet mop pad instead of the dirty mop pad and brought along the multi-use scrubby for any stubborn marks.

I found that, because I wasn’t using bucketfuls of water, the mop was best used in small strokes with patches of floor at a time. A great water-saving tactic.

The wet mop pad could handle the floor pretty well. In some cases, I had to resist pushing down harder on the mop to remove stubborn marks and used the scrubby instead which is exactly what it’s for.

Just like the dry mop pad, the wet mop pad can be removed and put in the wash. As the one I used wasn’t so bad, I think I can get away with using it again before putting it in the wash.

Again, this mop pad is best suited to relatively clean floors. It’s unclear how well it matches up to soaking up spills and liquids!

The biological floor cleaner

Keeping the bottle and the floor cleaner concentrate separate means less weight for more product in transit so it’s a win for reducing carbon emissions. The sachets are also recyclable rather than single-use.

I liked that I could spray the cleaning solution (mixed with water) directly onto the floor rather than having it in a bucket of water that gets grimier with mopping. It’s definitely a more sanitary solution.

It also meant I could control how wet the floors got which is definitely better than waiting for them to dry after slopping water about.

Like having a bucket in tow, I sprayed and mopped at the same time.

The only slight drawback for me was that I had to bend to spray the floor. People with bad backs or with a lot of floor space to cover may find this a little difficult.

In terms of how well the floor cleaner lasted, the bottle is slim so it doesn’t contain a huge amount of liquid. That being said, I got through about half the bottle mopping my kitchen, bathroom, hallway and bedroom.

I should add that I live in a small one-bedroom flat – so expect the floor cleaner to last one to two mops depending on how much ground you’re covering.

The best eco-friendly mop review: verdict


  • Safe and effective on multiple hard surfaces
  • The mop is a compact size so it’s easy to stash in small cupboards
  • The mop handle can be easily adjusted to suit your height and preference
  • The mop head can reach challenging nooks and crannies
  • The mop pads were easy to attach, remove and clean which is a big win for eliminating waste
  • The spray bottle allows you to control how wet the floor gets, allowing easy drying
  • The biological cleaner is effective, non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable – no harsh chemicals
  • The biological cleaner has a clean and refreshing scent that isn’t overwhelming either


  • I found it unclear which mop pads were for what
  • The price is relatively expensive
  • You can’t buy the mop on its own
  • I didn’t receive an envelope to send back my used sachets as indicated
  • The biological floor cleaner might not be suitable for people with bad backs as you have to bend and spray the floor

Clean Living’s Multi Mop Cleaning System is priced at £119.

To purchase or for more information on the range of cleaning suppliers, visit Clean Living.