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Zero Waste Beginner's Guide: 21 Easy Ways To Change At Home

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How to be more zero waste at home? If you want to move to a less wasteful, more sustaianable home, we've got lots of easy tips of how and what to change. Download our free beginners' guide to going zero waste here.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 22 April 2020

If you're looking for tips and advice on how to be zero waste at home or to find easy ways to start being more zero waste in one area of your life, you've come to the right place.

What Is Zero Waste?

Zero waste means having nothing to throw into the bin or landfill from your home. Reducing your plastic consumption, your food waste, your clothes, cleaning supplies and toiletries - all of this will help you become more zero waste. The concept of zero waste is often more of a move towards less waste, rather than none at all, which is almost impossible for most people.

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What changes can you make at home this week that will help reduce your waste?

As a team and as individuals, we've been on various zero waste journeys at pebble over the last few years, from trying out the best plastic free water bottles to working out how we can meal plan and use up leftovers.

Exact zero waste should be taken with a pinch of salt - it's almost impossible for most of us to have literally zero waste, but the key is in the trying and the journey.

Key points and achievements instead are:

Nail these points and you can start considering your home a zero waste one!

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Zero Waste Beginner's Guide: 21 Easy Ways To Change At Home

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From a plastic free bathroom to reducing your food waste, download our beginner's guide to get started on your zero waste journey

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Zero Waste Beginner's Guide: 21 Easy Ways To Change At Home

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