All wrapped up: 10 ethical gifts under £30

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All wrapped up: 10 ethical gifts under £30


It’s that time of year again and we’re welcoming it with open arms. Make Christmas 2017 the best yet, and give gifts that aren’t just gorgeous but help give back or have been handmade or upcycled. For all things ethical, we’ve turned to to come up with 10 fab gifts for under £30.

What will you pick? We round up our favourite sustainable gifts for him and her that won’t break the bank.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Sun 5 Nov 2017 Christmas gift guide - tile coasters

4 Illustrated Bird Stone Tile Coasters, £25

You’ll sing like a bird when you find these guys under the tree. Four 10cm square handmade limestone tile coasters come backed with cork. Choose between birds such as the American kestrel, barn owl, jackal buzzard, red-footed falcon, Caribbean flamingo, mute swan, northern lapwing and sandhill crane. Make up your own small flock. Christmas gift guide - bike cufflinks

Bicycle Chain Cufflinks, £30

Put your pedal to the metal with these awesome cufflinks made from upcycled bike chains. Katie’s Bike HQ repurpose clean chains and turn them into all sorts of unique jewellery. Each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee and these cufflinks will see you ahead of the pack for sure. Christmas gift guide - vegan leather purse

Mini purse, £28

Compact and cruelty free, this vegan-friendly purse is made from fake leather (that’s silk grain polyurethane to you and me, PUC is kinder the planet than PVC). It has six card slots and a central compartment for coins. Hetty & Sam use purses and wallets to showcase artists all over the globe and a percentage of the each sale goes back to them. Christmas gift guide - Fairtrade game

Bridget Handmade Fairtrade Wooden Strategy Game, £28

Get your brain working with this strategic puzzler. The beautifully made game with wooden pieces tests mental agility as you battle your opponent to build the best bridge over the board. It’s suitable for age 7+ and is made from sustainably sourced wood and comes in an organic cloth bag. Christmas gift guide - wooden necklace

Three Colour Glitter Wooden Chevron Necklace, £22

There’s nothing better than new jewellery at Christmas. We love this handmade wooden chevron pendant that comes from a small jeweller in Brighton. It’s strung on a sterling silver chain and comes in the most gorgeous shades of pink lemonade and grey. Christmas gift guide - reusable water bottle

Reusable Water Bottle With Reclaimed Bamboo Lid, £17.99

Make 2018 the year you help someone ditch plastic bottles for good. This Jerry bottle is made from stainless steel and a reclaimed bamboo lid. All of the company’s profits get funnelled into supporting water projects and the coordinates on the bottom of the bottle relate to someone you’ve helped. Christmas gift guide - Wheat Muscle Heat Wrap

Plain Linen Wheat Bag Microwavable Body Wrap, £25

Give the gift of cosy heat this Christmas. This microwaveable wheat bag moulds to your body to comfort any aches and pains (you can also put it in the freezer for chilled soothing). Made in Britain with wheat from a farm in Lancashire, the linen cover is organic and the inner bag is made from unbleached cotton. Christmas gift guide - coffee bean earrings

Silver Coffee Bean Stud Earrings, £22

Made on the Isle of Man with eco-friendly reclaimed silver, these coffee bean stud earrings will appeal to anyone who loves a decent (Fairtrade) cuppa. Each pair is handmade and cast from real beans. They’re available in shiny silver or polished oxidized silver. Christmas gift guide - sco sock gift set

Tropical, eco-friendly socks, £29.95

Socks ain’t just for boys at Christmas. Girls love them too. Maik make their socks with sustainably sourced cotton and eco-friendly inks and then they're put together in a family run factory in France. This gift set contains three pairs in a gorgeous recyclable box. Christmas gift guide - stationery set

Moroccan Tiles Correspondence Gift Set, £15

Bring back the art of letter writing with this personalised letter set. It’s influenced by Morocco’s colour palette and is made from FSC approved recycled materials. Each set includes cards and writing paper and it can come in a pretty recycled box.

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