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How to experience the UK like never before

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How to experience the UK like never before


Wild swimming. Wooden surfboards. Seastack climbing. Gorge walking. Welcome to the great outdoors as brought to you by Gather Outdoors, an adventure outfitters that wants people to do more rather than just buy more.

    Alice Pritchard

    Thu 22 Jun 2017

    Gather Outdoors has teamed up with some of the most awesome off road, off beat, off grid adventures in the UK and beyond to offer a new Experiences strand to its store. You can forage and feast in a treehouse with a top chef, explore the north Norfolk coast in a 1950s whelk boat, discover the Wye Valley by canoe, go coasterring in Skye or outdoor swimming in north Wales.

    Gather Outdoors experiences in the UK
    Gather Outdoors experiences like wild swimming in the UK

    Whichever experience you choose, you'll come across some of the most passionate people, running small independent businesses in landscapes they love. It's a timely reminder that there's still plenty of good time adventures to be had in Britain.

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