Are you one of the Ninety Percent?

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Are you one of the Ninety Percent?


As we've predicted 2018 will be THE year for ethical fashion. New sustainable fashion brand Ninety Percent thinks so as it launches today. The upscale womenswear brand will distribute 90% of the profits between a diverse range of charitable causes and those who make the collection happen. Welcome to the new fashion line.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 5 Feb 2018

Fed up with fast fashion and fat cats? Aren't we all. 

Ninety Percent is a new luxurious womenswear brand that's about dressing better and putting people over profits. While they're certainly not the first ones, or the only ones, their upscale launch demonstrates a confidence that consumers are looking for fashion brands to put their money where their mouth is and correct the huge ecological footprint and unfair practises that have haunted the industry for decades.

When you buy something from Ninety Percent you'll get to choose where the profits from that purchase go. This year the company is working with Children’s Hope, Big Life Foundation, WildAid and War Child.

Ninety Percent ethical fashion brand is launching in 2018

Ninety Percent brings slouchy, stylish silhouettes to the fore

The launch collection is about relaxed silhouettes that are stylish but comfy. These are effortless pieces that work day and night in a range of soft, stylish fabrics.

And while there's a lot of greenwashing in ethical fashion, with brands claiming to be environmental and Fairtrade, Ninety Percent have first hand experience of pioneering big change in the whole fashion process. They also own Echotex, an ethical manufacturing unit in Bangladesh. They're working with organic cotton and Tencel across the collection and investing in alternative materials so that future collections are more green.