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Sustainable Recipes

Cook up a storm in the kitchen with our delicious recipes, whether you're after something plant based, organic or designed to combat food waste.

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Our 5 Favourite Vegan Comfort Food Recipes

Eat & Drink

From vegan dinner recipes to organic smoothies and sustainable cocktails, check out our latest sustainable recipes.

Sustainable recipes on pebble

We are so excited to share a range of recipes with you on pebble, all of which are kinder to the environment in a variety of ways including:

  • Vegan / Plant based
  • Organic
  • Low waste
  • Zero waste
  • Use leftovers or surplus food
  • Use sustainable ingredients

We make sure that our recipes promote the best way to cook sustainably, often using local and seasonal ingredients as well as reducing the meat and dairy intake to make sure we’re helping you reduce your carbon emissions at home, without losing any of the taste.

Scroll down to check out regularly updated recipes.

Noya's Kitchen in Bath serves up authentic, delicious Vietnamese

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11 Easy Cocktail Recipes To Make At Home

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Low Waste Recipes

Make the most of leftovers and reduce your food waste. We show you how.

Delicious vegan Squash Apple And Blackberry Salad

River Cottage's Squash, Blackberries And Apple Salad Recipe

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Sweet Treats

Being sustainable doesn't mean you can't indulge...

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