12 Vegan Cookbooks That Are Perfect For Beginners

Where do you start with the plant based dinners and vegan recipes? These are our favorite and the very best vegan cookbooks that are perfect for beginners.

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Veganism has increased massively in the UK over the last few years.

More than 25% of us are actively reducing the amount of meat and fish we eat as the links between factory farming, climate change and biodiversity loss become better known.

But going vegan can cause us to scratch our heads when thinking about meals for more than a couple of nights.

Don’t worry, we’ve come up with our favourite vegan cookbooks for beginners, which range from cheap and cheerful midweek meals to sumptuous feasts that will bring even the most hardened steak lover around.

Whether you’re vegan and looking for new foodie ideas, trying veganism for Veganuary or just looking for more plant based meals to reduce your dairy and meat intake then read on.

Warning – you’ll leave hungry.

12 Of The Best Vegan Cookbooks For Beginners

1. Asian Green: Everyday Plant-Based Recipes Inspired by the East

Published in 2021, Asian Green is a bestselling vegan cookbook focused on plant-based Asian cuisine.

Written by Ching-He Huang MBE, a Taiwanese-born food writer and chef, the book explores simple and healthy recipes from across the continent that are easy to make.

Each chapter in the book features fresh and flavourful vegan dishes including the likes of Wok-fried Orange-Soy Sticky Sprouts & Wild Rice Salad and Chinese Black Bean Seitan Tacos.

This vegan Asian cookbook will even teach you how to make your own seitan and tofu at home.

2. The Vegan Cookbook

Aussie blogger Adele McConnell is on a mission to make plant based food more simple, tastier and less daunting.

It’s about making room for more veggies on your plate above anything else and her simple to follow recipes in The Vegan Cookbook are perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes in the non-meat world.

There are over 100 vegan recipes here from red lentil and beetroot burgers to sweet potato hash.

Vegan cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated.

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3. Fast Easy Cheap Vegan

The perfect vegan student cookbook – or anyone who wants fast, easy, cheap and delicious recipes, Fast Easy Vegan covers all your vegan bases.

Author Sam Turnball busts the myth that plant-based food is too expensive or too much faff by showing you how to make delicious wholesome meals with easy to find ingredients if you don’t already have them in your cupboard.

The book contains 101 recipes that can easily be made in small kitchens (many of them only require one pot so hurrah for less washing up!).

Go for 10-Ingredient Creamy Basil Gnocchi, get breakfast sorted with Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies or whip up a ready to go Cool Ranch Popcorn snack.

4. Vegan Treats: Easy Vegan Bites & Bakes

If you’re looking for a vegan baking book, look no further than Vegan Treats by Emma Hollingsworth.

This recipe book ensures you still satisfy your sweet tooth without the animal derivatives. It’s gluten-free and free of refined sugar too. Plus, there are plenty of nut-free and raw options to try.

Ideal for beginners looking for an easy plant-based fix, the book covers everything from cookies to tarts, traybakes and cakes.

Vegan desserts we can’t get enough of include Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Slices and classic Banoffee Pie.

5. Recipes for Happiness

If you haven’t come across The Happy Pear cooking/cafe owning duo you’re missing a (plant-based) trick.

These Irish brothers have taken Ireland by storm with their inventive, bro-food that’s healthy, delicious and vegan.

Their new plant based cookbook, Recipes for Happiness, contains recipes that can be put together in under an hour.

We’re loving their Chickpea Tikka Masala.

6. The Vegan Athlete’s Cookbook

Yes, you absolutely can be a vegan and an athlete. You just have to be smart about what you eat and luckily, Anita Bean’s Vegan Athlete’s Cookbook is here to help.

Every recipe in this book has been created with performance in mind and packed with a high level of nutrients and at least 20g of protein to help you reach your training goals.

Anita Bean also offers evidence-based advice on fuelling your workouts and busts myths around sports nutrition to empower you to make healthy, nutritious meals that boost your fitness.

7. First Time Vegan

Calling all plant based beginners, First Time Vegan is the perfect companion to see you through your first Veganuary.

Along with simple plant-based swaps and from-scratch recipes is sensible, easily understandable nutritional advice from food writer Leah Vanderveldt for those looking to embrace just plant-based eating for the first time.

Say hello to dishes like the delicious mushroom and lentil no-meat balls and embrace flavour packed vegan cooking.

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8. Much More Veg

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s own journey into veganism is reflected in Much More Veg which combines the River Cottage focus on seasonality with letting veggies take the starring role.

And what a role.

From hearty Mushroom pearl barley risottos that can bubble away on a Sunday afternoon to Squash, apple and blackberry salad, each dish is a future rural country classic, whether you’re cooking it in a London flat or the Highlands of Scotland.

9. BOSH! on a Budget

Fans of BOSH! rejoice, the best-selling duo is back with a cookbook for those who are vegan on a budget. Inside, you can find over 100 recipes that help you eat well for less.

Enjoy hearty midweek meals, comfort food, easy snacks and indulgent brunches. All easy to make too.

Authors Henry and Ian also show you simple money-saving hacks and batch cooking hacks for the days that you don’t feel like cooking. It’s more sustainable too so it’s a win-win!

10. Feed Me Vegan

Lucy Watson’s Feed Me Vegan won the PETA Vegan Food Awards in 2017 and for good reason.

The Made In Chelsea star has been a vegetarian most of her life and a vegan for the last few years.

This simple, beautifully shot, celebrity vegan cookbook shows you don’t have to sacrifice taste (or tasty cake) when you give up meat and dairy.

While there is the odd Instagram favourite Buddha bowl recipe (peanut tofu Buddha bowl) there’s thankfully more substance than style in Feed Me Vegan.

11. Vegan: The Cookbook

Vegan food is more than just tofu curries and stuffed peppers.

This is an encyclopedia of all things vegan, with over 500 plant based recipes taken from cuisines all over the world, from Australia to Zambia.

There are a number of advanced recipes for people who want a challenge and do more than just whip up quick meals.

Choose from sweet and savoury starters, soups, salads, mains, and desserts, Vegan: The Cookbook is a comprehensive vegan recipe book that takes in a range of methods and techniques.

It’s perfect for any vegan cooks more interested in taste and texture than making pretty smoothie bowls or salads for social media.

12. Vegan in 7

If vegan food still makes you hesitate, Vegan in 7 is an easy vegan cookbook that takes the limited ingredients approach and applies it to plant based eating.

No recipe in Rita Serano’s book needs more than seven ingredients and many of them are also refined sugar free and low fat, from Winterslaw with tahini dressing to sweet and salty caramel treats.

That’s right people, vegan doesn’t always mean holier than thou, low-calorie do-good food.

This is about simple seasonal ingredients with recipes split into Start, Fast, Fresh, Nourishing, Gather, Sweets and Basics as well as recipes for nut milks.

Loved this list of the very best vegan cookbooks and looking for more vegan inspiration?