Valentine's Day: 13 ethical gifts for anyone you love

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Valentine's Day: 13 ethical gifts for anyone you love


Some love it, some dread it and some years it passes by with no more than a murmur. Yup Valentine's Day is upon us. We've rounded up ethical present ideas for loved ones and for yourself, because hey, self-love is just as important.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 1 Feb 2018

Pick Fairtrade roses this Valentine's Day from Arena Flowers

Fairtrade roses, ArenaFlowers

If you're going to buy flowers make them Fairtrade. These roses from ArenaFlowers are handpicked by local farm workers in Kenya and work towards improving farmers' living conditions. Nothing says it like flowers...

Ethical jewellery fairtrade silver bangle for valentine's day

Fealty bangle, Hargreaves Stockholm

We love this Viking inspired chunky 'fealty' bangle from ethical jewellers Hargreaves Stockholm. It's heavy and curvy in all the right places and works for guys and girls. It's hand-forged from Fairtrade silver and will last forever.

Stainless Steel Bottle Stay Sixty Valentinesday

Water bottle, Stay Sixty

Give the gift of water this Valentine's Day with one of these award-winning Stay Sixty water bottles, made from stainless steel. The bottles come in grey, black and pink and come apart for easy cleaning.

Juta Shoes make eco leather espadrilles in London

Shoe workshop, Juta shoes

Don't want to give a gift? How about learning to do something together? Juta Shoes run workshops where you learn to make simple shoes from waste leather. These guys teach disadvantaged women to become shoemakers and teachers themselves.They have a special Valentine's Day workshop at Spitalfields City Farm where you can make a pair of shoes for yourself, or each other? Treat friends, family or your partner. 

Peep Eyewear are upcycled frames for Valentines Day

Upcycled sunglasses, Peep Eyewear

Peep Eyewear repurpose vintage sunnies with up to date lenses and they've got a fabulous selection of pink and rose sunglasses for a stylish spring. These 80s beauties are by Cazal....we like.

Massage oil, Bodhi & Birch

Bodhi and Birch will give anyone good reason to get handsy. Treat your partner to a good ol' massage with the Flora Paradiso De-Stress Massage & Body Oil that uses ylang-ylang, lavender and Atlas cederwood to relieve stress, ground you and nourish your skin while you're at it.

Liz Earle Faitrade jewellery collection

Heart stud earrings, Liz Earle

Liz Earle (having moved on from skincare and into Fairtrade jewellery) has come up with these darling mangrove heart studs in 24ct rose and yellow gold vermeil or rhodium plated silver, all Fairtrade mined and made with fairly paid artisans in Peru. She's taken inspiration from the distinct heart shaped leaves of ancient mangroves.

Single Malt Teapot carved wooden Spoon Valentines Day

Carved wooden spoon, Single Malt Teapot

The Welsh give carved wooden spoons as a symbol of love on their own Valentine's Day. Follow their lead with a hand-carved spoon from wood-crafter Single Malt Teapot. Each one is unique and made from a variety of woods including English oak and cherry. A must for any keen cooks in your life.

Vegan chocolate boxes from Booja Booja

Vegan chocolate truffles, Booja Booja

Why not spread the love this Valentine's Day with chocolates for all the people you love? Friends and family (and anyone sane) will fall for Booja Booja's boxes of six truffles. These are the deluxe stuff - organic, vegan and they come in cardboard rather than plastic. But will it be the Hazelnut Crunch or the Almond and Sea Salt caramel? 

Lara Intimates underwear from textile waste Valentines Day

Bra and undies, Lara Intimates

Valentine's Day is an excuse to buy yourself a present, so if you're in the mood for new undies, Lara Intimates are killing it. They make sexy, supportive bras and pants from their Soho studio but best of all they use luxurious textile waste that would otherwise end up in the bin. 

BRYT organic skincare gift set for men

Skincare set for men, BRYT skincare

PETA approved vegan skincare guys BRYT Skincare haven't forgotten about the guys. This Valentine's Day gift box includes BRYT Hair & Body Wash for Him, BRYT Foaming Cleanser for Him, BRYT Shave and BRYT Moisturiser - all made with natural, mostly organic ingredients. This is cruelty free skincare that's great for both of you.

Ethical jewellery from Anna Loucah for Valentine's Day

Adore necklace, Anna Loucah

How much do you adore someone? Show them with this unique Fairtrade gold necklace that spells out A-d-o-r-e with a selection of five ethical gemstones - Amethyst, Diamond, Opal, Ruby, Emerald - get it? It's from Anna Loucah, one of the UK's leading ethical jewellery designers. (Want to find more? See here).

Love Cocoa Valentines Day organic hamper

Valentine's Day hamper, Love Cocoa

While Love Cocoa say this is a Valentine's Hamper for Him we reckon anyone will give you a kiss after receiving this. Say 'I love you' with Pistonhead Kustom lager, Snaffling's pig's infamous pork rinds, a pick 'n' mix jar of dreams and five Love Cocoa chocolate bars including an Earl Grey flavoured one. Feed your love.

LUSH no plastic gift box bath bombs

Love hearts gift box, LUSH

Show anyone you care about them with this cute gift box of naked (no packaging) bath treats from LUSH. Rose, lavender and lime - there are five bathtime goodies in here, from a bubble bar to their famous bath bombs. There's no plastic and the box is recyclable. 

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