It's time to share your best #PointlessPlastics in a new campaign

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It's time to share your best #PointlessPlastics in a new campaign


The Global Good Awards has launched a new social media campaign to highlight the worst examples of #PointlessPlastics and to shine a light on the people who working to reduce plastic waste.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 23 Nov 2017

#PointlessPlastics calls on everyone in the supply-chain, from consumers to retailers, to showcase either a poor use of plastic, excellent examples of positive change, or a solution to a plastics problem. 

Use social media and the hashtag #PointlessPlastics to highlight instances where plastics are completely pointless or could have easily been replaced with a more sustainable alternative, and to praise where change has been made to reduce or improve plastic use. 

Tweet your pictures to @GlobalGoodAward. These will be showcased on a ‘Hall of Fame’ on the website, with a winner announced each week. An overall winner will be chosen by the award's judges (tweets before 19th March 2018), and they will be invited to the Global Good Awards Ceremony on 16 May 2018 and presented with a prize on stage.

The idea is to put pressure on the whole supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer, to reduce instances of #PointlessPlastics.

#PointlessPlastics campaign from Global Good Awards

Share your photos of Pointless Plastics and win tickets to the Global Good Awards

Paula Owen, CEO of sustainability consultancy Green Gumption, who is behind the campaign, said:

“People need to become more aware when it comes to their indiscriminate use of single-use, pointless plastics. We all need to THINK before reaching for those plastic straws for our drinks, accepting a plastic bag in our local corner shop or choosing a shrink-wrapped cucumber or banana. 

Over 50% of all plastic produced is ‘single-use’ and is only used for a few minutes, before being discarded. If we’re lucky, into a recycling bin, but for over 90% of it, it will go to landfill or end up in our oceans, causing untold damage and distress to sea-life.”

The campaign comes ahead of the launch of the Global Good Awards, which look to recognise the people and brands who are striving for a better world. There are several categories focusing on environmental impact, including for eco-products, behaviour change and sustainable supply chain. 

Nominations open on 1 December.