10 Zero Waste Fashion Brands For A Sustainable Wardrobe

Want to get into sustainable, low waste fashion but don't know where to start? Here is a list of the best zero waste fashion brands around.

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Textile waste is a huge problem in the fashion industry. It’s thought that over 300,000 of used clothing ends up in landfill every year.

In fact, the waste charity, Wrap says that 5% of the UK’s total annual carbon and water footprints come from clothing consumption.

Textiles then release methane, a greenhouse gas, as they start to degrade. Not to mention synthetic materials like polyester are made from plastic and take hundreds of years to decompose…

But it’s not just the consumer’s responsibility to prevent textile waste. According to Fashion Revolution, the number of garments produced annually has doubled since 2000.

An estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created a year in the fashion industry. Globally, just 12% of textiles used for clothing is recycled.

On top of recycling your clothes, the answer is brands that reuse and repurpose materials whether that’s deadstock fabrics or upcycling old clothes.

The answer is zero waste fashion brands.

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about this here.

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10 Zero Waste Fashion Brands For A More Sustainable Wardrobe

1. Tom Adam

Tom Adam only produce small, limited edition batches to avoid overproduction, warehouses and over-priced fees.

They produce pyjamas, underwear and swimwear with their unique styles for men and women.

Using sustainable materials that are made to last, the brand encourages a slow production of their products supporting a circular economy.

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2. Herd

Snuggling into a sustainable knit cardy has never felt so inviting, which is why we love Herd’s knitwear.

They use 100% fine English wool sourced from North West England which has been made using no toxic dyes, created locally supporting farmers and using skilled craftspeople to align it all together into everyday comfy wear.

Using natural wool for their jumpers, cardigans, hats, shorts and more means the wool can be reused and without any toxic dyes, it means the brand can support the circular economy.

3. MUD Jeans

With the circular economy at the forefront of this brand, they create sustainable jeans with only two materials – Organic Cotton and Recycled Cotton.

They use 40% recycled denim and fair trade processes to keep their quality jeans from becoming waste.

It doesn’t stop there, they also take in old, pre-loved jeans or denim items which are 96% cotton to recycle them into new products giving the customer a €10 off their next purchase so it’s a win-win.

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4. tonlé

Using reclaimed materials for all their zero waste fashion products from tops to dresses, tonlé are motivated by three main values – being purposeful, inclusive and honest to create their sustainable clothing.

They use deadstock fabrics to cut down waste and use dyes with no toxic chemicals so their clothing supports a zero waste philosophy.

They offer a resale option with their Open Closet where you can purchase pre-loved Tonle items giving them a second chance.


Re/Done champion upcycling, creating new products from pre-worn pieces, originally starting with their Levi vintage range, extending the life of old clothing that would most likely be wasted otherwise.

They also work with Hanes, recreating t-shirts into new products like sweatshirts, all with their own sustainable twist.

6. Zero Waste Daniel

The clue might be in the name but to delve a little deeper, this zero waste fashion brand uses pre-consumer waste from New York’s garment industry giving it another chance at life, along with other hard-to-recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

They design genderless clothing from tops, sweatshirts to shorts and joggers along with accessories.

7. Study New York

Focused on the idea of creating their products without waste, Study New York produce womenswear with sustainably sourced materials, using ethical productions and techniques to ensure their clothing is made with both the environment and people in mind.

Their items range from dresses, shirts, tanksuits and mittens suitable for mature, stylish women.

8. Bożena Jankowska

A London based brand, Bożena Jankowska, create unique clothing pieces such as dresses, blouses and trousers.

This brand sources most of their fabrics from suppliers where discontinued or vintage fabrics are available so they don’t need to use raw or new materials.

Their products are one off classic staples so it avoids production waste and overproduction.

9. Palava

A proud womenswear and child wear brand with a strong heritage, Palava make clothes in small batches to avoid waste and using a mixture of natural or biodegradable materials such as wool and Tencel.

They keep their environmental footprint low by using their London family-run factory, with knitwear being made in Turkey by experts.

10. For Days

More than just a fashion brand, For Days believes in zero waste with 100% of their products being recyclable, with thought going into their design not just at the start, but how it can be returned and reused when you’re finished with them.

We love their Swap programme which allows you to swap old For Days clothing for credit which you can use when purchasing their products.

These returned products then get recycled into new ones, closing the loop and supporting a circular economy.

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