September LUST LIST: 22 Brands Not To Miss This Month

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September LUST LIST: 22 Brands Not To Miss This Month


We were spoilt with the innovative, sustainable selection of products that emerged last month.

Pens crafted out of coffee, skincare made from seaweed, booze brewed from botanicals, take a look through the list.

There are bound to be some planet-friendly products that will set you up for September!

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Phoebe Young

Thu 5 Sept 2019

Three bottles on striped background

Vegan shampoo, Fulfilled

Fulfilled has created the dream combination; a premium luxury product that does good, is good and looks good. Made in the UK, this new vegan shampoo, conditioner and body wash range are specially formulated using 95-100% naturally-derived ingredients, selected for their fulfilling properties. Plus, everything is free of palm oil, parabens, sulphates and cruelty free. The 500ml aluminium recycleable, refillable bottles come with beautiful geometric designs and last three-four months.

woman leaning wearing people tree shirt and black trousers

Womenswear, People Tree + V&A

Flower power and the swinging sixties are back. Discover the new collection by People Tree in collaboration with the V&A. Choose from one of eight stylish pieces in two irresistible retro prints, inspired by the museum’s archive of fashion and textiles. The daisy print blouse makes eco-friendly dressing for work super simple and the collection is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. People Tree work with Fair Trade ethical producers from across the globe to create handcrafted and organic collections.

pen next to pot

Pen, Caran d'Ache

Caran d’Ache make classic ballpoint pens, Nespresso make aluminium coffee capsules. Put them together and what do you get? This limited edition pen has been upcycled from spent coffee pods. It spells out how recycling aluminium coffee capsules can produce something worthwhile and gives them a new purpose that is not polluting. Elegant, trendy and environmentally friendly!

Bottle of three spirit and cocktail glass

Alcohol free spirit, Three Spirit

Soberiety's the in thing, guys. Plant-powered ‘social elixir’ Three Spirits’ is a complex, non sugary alternative to booze and they're calling it Botanical Alchemy. With more and more people wanting to drink less and less, there is massive demand for a drink that gets you out of awkward social situations. Experience the power of plants that brings bold flavours and function together.   

Woman looking at lake wearing towel

Towels, Arc Lore

Arc Lore have quite literally woven versatility into their beautiful beachwear. Their absorbent, quick drying towels soak up moisture and seep out tradition. Handwoven on wooden traditional shuttle looms in villages across Turkey, these towels are a triumph of circular fashion. Made from organic threads from organic farms, Arc Lore are wrapping up growers, craftspeople, community and consumer in cruelty free comfort.

Girl wearing shawl

Kimonos, Give Wear Love

Give Wear Love is a one stop shop for sustainable ethical fashion. It brings together good brands who are determined to deal only in clothing crafted with non-toxic materials, and made of reused or sustainable substances that do not require excessive amounts of water to produce. We're loving this summer kimono made from 100% organic cotton that will make you feel 100% stunning. 

Denby pot with pen in it.

Ceramics, Denby

Got a lot on your plate? Make your muddled kitchen a more mindful space with Denby’s range of Conscious Choice Ceramics. These durable pieces are designed to have true purpose as well as aesthetic pleasure. Choose from one of their colour coordinated sets, and create a grey, blue or halo haven. Denby’s 10 Year Guarantee is a response to today’s throwaway tendencies, relieving you and your world of worry.

hand holding bottle of coffee

Cold brew coffee, Kuka

It’s not just top quality 100% Arabica beans that go into these robust little bottles of Kuka cold brew. Your caffeine fix will be quenched with an extra shot of ethics too. Kuka’s packaging is 100% recyclable, as are their waste grounds. Artificial ingredients are a no go for these 100% natural mixtures. Working directly with farmers through transparent supply chains their frothy frappe trade is the fairest of them all.

Tray of meringues

Meringue Bites

Enjoy these little bites of bliss without polluting the planet with any more plastic. These small, Swiss-baked, Meringue Bites, come bathed in Belgian chocolate and an array of sweet gourmet garnishes. Light describes more than just their texture. They are low-fat, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. Satisfy your sustainable sweet tooth with either the salted caramel or raspberry variety. They're the first ever confectionary company to pick n' pack their snacks in plastic-free, paper packaging.

woman holding water bottle and towel

Towels, Sand Cloud

Pat yourself dry with recycled plastic! These Turkish towels from Sand Cloud are crafted from cotton and polyester that is produced out of old bottles. So, you can use them to enjoy a sunny swim and a sandy shore in stylish sustainability. What's more, for every product you purchase, Sand Cloud will put 10% of their profits towards marine conservation, through a variety of US based ocean charities.

woman i sea wearing bikini and sunglasses

Sunglasses, Ozeano

This eco-friendly sunglasses brand wants to make sure that cleaning our oceans looks cool. That’s why they are collecting and upcycling 12kg of marine litter for every pair of sunnies they sell. That’s the equivalent of over 900 plastic bottles! There are seas of different styles available, made from either 100% recycled plastic or skateboard wood. They all come with a 100% recycled bamboo protective case and 100% organic cotton pouch. Ozeano also use compostable courier bags, worldwide carbon-neutral shipping and donate 10% of the sale prices to charity.

sculpted soap next to box

Soap, URD

These green guys are adamant that you cannot cleanse with caustic products. That’s why URD ingredients are of the Earth. Purifying minerals and oils are what naturally nurture skin. This is their simple and sustainable solution to getting your glow on. Their wide range of products are all cruelty free and contain neither plastic nor parabens. The scent of these soaps is seasonal. in their Stormur soap, for example, to surround yourself in wintery, cuddly cosiness when the cold months kick in.

cotton cleansing pad

Resuable make up pads, Greenfibres

Planet-polluting plastic, goodbye. Greenfibres have forged the first ever Soil Association, 100% GOTS, certified organic cotton, cleansing pads. They can be washed and reused, so your makeup routine will be as clean and green as your fresh face. You will find eight soft and sustainable little life-savers in each Greenfibres organic cotton drawstring bag. Simply place your cotton rounds inside once you’ve used them and put the pack in the washing machine. They’re thick, so you can cleanse with one side, tone with t’other. 

woman wearing red dress

Womenswear, Tales of Anyday

Striking, simple and sustainable, the Tales of Anyday collections will carry you to a functional, feminine fairyland. The ethos of these clothes is both practical and poetic, so you can go about Anyday with ease and elegance. Environmentally friendly fabrics are a huge focus for this eco-friendly, ethical fashion brand. Because they want a healthy world for you to wear their work in, they make their ethereal designs durable and versatile. This frees you to wear them across several seasons and keep them in your wardrobe for a long while.

two kids jumping wearing blara clothing

Babywear, Blara Organic House

Nothing but GOTS cotton, and no corrosive chemicals, are incorporated at each stage of the Blara production line. This beautifully soft, breathable and absorptive babywear is made extra exotic, thanks to the origins of its natural dyes. Chinese herbal medicines like Turmeric and Tibetan Fruit give these gorgeous garments antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-UV attributes. Blara Organic House was made by a mother with a simple goal. She plans to use plant ingredients to prevent the pollution of the planet, and to keep her kids’ clothes as pure as possible. There's an adult collection coming soon.

three bottles of spilt vegan milk

Plant milk, Rebel Kitchen

Rebel Kitchen craft conscious organic, dairy free alternatives to milk, drinks and yoghurts. They are proud to have become the FIRST of their kind in the UK to have zero carbon footprint. You will only be sipping on minimal, organic, vegan ingredients that have been responsibly sourced. That means the purchasing of ingredients, shipping, transportation of goods, manufacturing and packaging have all been factored into the sustainable milky mixture and Rebel Kitchen have offset their carbon.

pile of cork

Cork pot, Lush

Lush in name, lush in nature - this iconic brand have come up with packaging that fights climate change. 100% natural, reusable and biodegradable, LUSH’s new Cork Pot is a carbon-positive container. For each pot, 33 times its weight in carbon dioxide will be cleansed from the climate. This cork supports re-wilding projects in Southern Portugal, from where it’s sourced. So, your hard bar soaps and shampoos will help the planet to glow as much as you.

tubes of voyager man and seaweed

Men's skincare, Voya

VOYA, the award-winning Irish seaweed company, has undertaken an intrepid voyage into men’s skin care. They have created VOYA MAN. Every tube contains 100% natural active ingredients, which help fight the signs of ageing and give the skin and pores a cool wave of hydration. Each product in the range contains the family-grown organic seaweed, foraged from the Wild Atlantic Way. The deep sea sorcery in this substance has a confident, citrus aroma that will leave your protected skin feeling fresh.

woman wearing statement choker necklace

Jewellery, Kaleidoscope Beauty

The vibrant beauty of Africa, beaded together into bold, contemporary necklaces. This woman-owned brand wows consumers with its colourful statement jewellery. Each earring, choker and bracelet is unique. Kenyan artisans, including reformed criminals, young mothers and street boys, craft Kaleidoscope Beauty pieces out of the extreme and life-challenging conditions they face.  The planet will be better for your bold accessorising too, since Kaleidoscope avoid plastic and strive for sustainability. 

Bottle of Whackit beauty lying in pomegranate seeds

Vegan skincare, Whackit Beauty

It sounds a little wild, but these wonder drops will actually whack a burst of essential nutrients into any type of body, face or hair with suprising care. The boost you’ll feel will be thanks to Whackit Beauty’s refreshing and reviving combination of superfood oils, which are rich in omegas, fatty acids and vitamins. This magic vegan mixture will replenish your complexion, reinforce your skin’s strength and give it some healthy hydration. What makes this product even whackier is that its packaging is embedded with wildflower seeds. You can actually plant it, let it biodegrade and help our declining population of bees.

two cans of beer

Beer, Toast

Food waste is frightening. So this brilliant B-Corp are brewing your leftover bread into... beer?. It’s called Toast Ale for a reason. They literally do what it says on their new craft beer cans. These brewers take leftovers from bakeries and sandwich shops, brew them into beers and help fix the broken, waste-filled food system. You’ll be sipping on something planet-saving when you try their new Toasting Change range, which uses aluminium cans rather than bottles, for a lighter environmental impact. So, try a planet-friendly pint of Pale Ale, Craft Lager, Session IPA and American or Pale Ale at your next pub sesh.

woman using earbuds

Earbuds, House of Marley

Superior sound quality meets sustainability. Hear the beat of the bass, the melody of the mids, and the chime of ethical change in the electronics world by buying these House of Marley earbuds. This brand only allows consciously crafted materials, like bamboo, FSC certified wood and recyclable aluminium (to name but a few) into their House. As well as music, they make a meaningful donation to ‘One Tree Planted’ every year. Their contributions have now climbed to a crescendo of 168,000 trees. Thanks to their custom engineering and tuning, this brand is upping the volume on high quality, eco-conscious earbuds.

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