7 Essentials For Your Zero Waste Kit

Everyone needs a zero waste kit. Here are our favourite zero waste essentials to go in it.

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Want to move towards a more zero waste lifestyle: there has never been a better time to make it.

In Britain, we got through 7 million coffee cups a day in 2018, millions of plastic bottles, countless bits of plastic, from stirrers and straws to takeaway forks.

We are constantly consuming and disposing bits of plastic, often without a thought for the devastating environmental effects.

Has the impact of this churn of disposables started to hit home for you? It has for us, as has our role in it.

If you want to make a quick, impactful difference, it’s time to cut out the daily single-use throwaways.

It’s easier than you think to go plastic free.

All you need is to get organised and keep a few low waste, reusable essentials with you when you go out.

It’s time to move away from plastic, people.

Let us know what’s a zero waste essential for you and your favourite brands in the comments below!

7 Essentials For Your Zero Waste Kit

These are the the zero waste items you will soon be unable to live without.

Having these practical, reusable and eco friendly staples on hand will mean you never have to resort to single use plastic when you’re out on the go. Goodbye plastic pollution!

1. Reusable coffee cups

Don’t panic, giving up single-use coffee cups does not mean giving up the morning latte as well.

Each disposable cup can take a terrifying 30 years to decompose.

That’s a long time compared to that single five minute caffeine fix.

So, you’ll need a reusable coffee cup.

KeepCup have brilliantly robust glass cups wrapped with cork to stop your fingers from burning but we also like the vacuum insulated rCup which is made of recycled single use coffee cups.

2. Plastic free lunch boxes

Whether you want to take out a picnic or whether you’re heading into the office, a plastic free lunch box will soon be a zero waste essential.

It’s not only better for the environment but cheaper (and healthier if you’re trying to watch what you eat).

Pick a biodegradable one like this pretty one from Huski or one made from stainless steel, like this one, so you’re not swapping one form of plastic for another.

3. Reusable cutlery

You’ll need a set of reusable cutlery to go with your smart new lunch box.

This is the zero waste swap to the cheap plastic fork that breaks on the first bite, or the bendy white knife that doesn’t actually do anything.

These take years to break down once you’ve thrown them in the bin and they’re not necessary.

Either choose disposable wooden ones or invest in a cool reusable set like this one. You’ll never be caught trying to eat a yoghurt with a fork again.

4. Zero waste foldable chopsticks

What if you need some sustainable sushi on the run? Having your own zero waste chopsticks is the plastic free way forward.

While wooden chopsticks are better than plastic, they still have to be made, transported, and stored, only to end up in the bin after you’ve scoffed your California rolls.

This foldable set make an awesome addition to your bag’s zero waste kit.

5. Plastic free water bottles

The move to reusable water bottles is progressing, especially with the UK government installing more public local water fountains.

Refill is an app that shows you where restaurants and cafes will refill your bottle for free. It has rolled out across BristolLondon and Brighton.

Don’t be part of the insane plastic bottle problem – globally we go through a billion a day, all because we’re disorganised.

A stainless steel one will last longer than plastic and is BPA free. We love Dopper bottles for their clever cup lid or these pretty ones from Ohelo. Both keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12.

5 of the best plastic free water bottles

6. Reusable straws

Reusable straws are a must have for the zero waste kit.

200 years is how long it takes for each plastic straw to break down. Yes, they have technically been banned (yay) in some places but some of the soggy paper substitutes are not totally innocent either.

If you’re non plussed, ditch them all together. If you’re a straw fan, swap to metal or bamboo ones. These metal straws come in a range of sizes for all glasses.

Click here for more ecofriendly straw ideas.

7. Sustainable tote bags

The massive reduction in plastic bags has been a rare success story in our battle against single use plastic.

More and more of us pack cotton or reusable bags when we go out without even thinking. And that’s where we’d like to get with all of the above items.

If you’re short of foldable bags to sit in your handbag (always useful when you decide it’s wine and pizza night on the way home), this one comes with a little drawstring bag.

Keep going zero waste…