5 things I learned while wearing the same outfit for a month

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How often do you repeat an outfit? Once a fortnight, once a week? What outfit do you think you could rock every day for a month? 

Founder of ethical fashion range Point Off View, Marina Testino, has been undertaking a project, #onedresstoimpress, wearing the same outfit for 30 days to highlight our over dependence on fashion trends. 

Does anyone really care she's rocking the same red suit and white T-shirt all month long? We caught up with her for our latest #pebblesmakeripples guest blog to find out what's she learnt from the experiment.

Marina Testino 19 May 2018


5 things I learned while wearing the same outfit for a month

The only one taking notice of your wardrobe is you

As I began this project, I expected to get a lot of criticism from people for wearing the same thing for so many days. 

Repeating an outfit has become a taboo in our society - God forbid you wear the same outfit twice, right? Not necessarily! 

With this project, I learned that people don’t really care about what you’re wearing. Wearing something with confidence stands out more than wearing the latest fashion trend. I’m not saying people shouldn’t buy on trend, but shop consciously and buy what makes you feel good and empowered.

One Dress Marina Testino Red Venice 017

Marina Testino wore her red suit and white T-shirt every day for a month and felt liberated from having to choose an outfit each day

Photography | Nick Onken

You can reject pressure to buy more new clothes

Modern society is all about being fashionable and that means something new and pressure on consumers to keep up with trends. 

Every time I shared my project over the month, people's response has been the same - they agreed that there's a lack of conscious consumerism and too much pressure to buy new all the time.

The taboo of repeating outfits is overpowers the will to dress the same, meaning we buy more clothes when we don't need to, just because we think we're expected to. Think how many times you've bought a new dress for a wedding or a party and never worn it again.

I hope this project inspires others to let go of the notion that following trends for the sake of social acceptance is something we all have to do.

One Dress Marina Testino Red Venice1
“Repeating an outfit has become a taboo in our society - God forbid you wear the same outfit twice, right?”

Liberate yourself from too much choice

It has been totally liberating choosing NOT to choose. The biggest perk of wearing the same thing every day was falling into a routine with getting ready and not having to think about what to wear. 

Whether I was going to the supermarket, clubbing, or a black tie event - I simply had to put on my red suit and go. 

I also noticed that this experiment allowed me to get much more creative around accessories. It’s like having a blank slate each day to play with new sidepieces, because even if you are wearing the same suit, you'll be in different moods or wearing it to different places. 

While it's not necessary to wear the same suit for a month, it has definitely sparked discussions around our growing obsession with novelty.

Onken 20180419 Marina Testino Red Venice 783

One outfit means more accessories, less time getting ready and no check in baggage - all wins in our book

Photography | Nick Onken

Value your outfits

If you're wearing one thing for a month, you have to be really careful to look after it. I have discovered the absolute necessity of a steamer. You really can’t press a suit, but it needs refreshing daily. Steaming is a lot easier, faster and also a much less toxic way to refresh than sending things out to dry clean. I needed to be careful of not getting stains on my suit, watch what I was eating and be more mindful of my surroundings.

You can travel light

One thing I can say for sure is that packing is so much easier! I was in LA last week and all I took was a carry on with my red suit, three white T-shirts, heels and white sneakers and of course my steamer. 

Say goodbye to those lengthy packing lists or taking 25 outfits on holiday with you. Keep your wardrobe simple and your life will get simpler too.

Find all of Marina Testino's red suit outfits on her Instagram - #onedresstoimpress. Discover her fashion line, Point Off View here.

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