Here’s how you can help grow the Trump Forest

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Here’s how you can help grow the Trump Forest


The Trump Forest is growing. Use your internet searches to add trees to the global forest that's a great woody retort to Donald Trump.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 30 Oct 2017

The Trump Forest is a global initiative that highlights and combats Donald Trump’s out of step denial of climate change by planting trees. The project kicked off in New Zealand and has seen nearly 850,000 trees planted in seven months.

Ecosia has partnered with the ground-breaking conservation (and retaliation) effort, kicking off with a €10,000 donation that plants nearly 5,000 trees.

“When we stumbled across Trump Forest we knew we had to work alongside them,” says Ecosia's CEO Christian Kroll, who founded the social business in Berlin in 2009.

“We all share the same passion of getting more trees into the ground as well as a common understanding that climate change poses the greatest threat to healthy life on earth. It’s a shame not everyone in the White House has the same level of understanding.”

Trump Forest Ecosia partnership

The three co-founders of Trump Forest


This partnership marks the start of the Trump Forest growing from acorn to sapling as it calls for more businesses and CEOs to make a stand against climate ignorance. Up to now most of the donations have come from individuals.

“We've had the support of thousands of generous people around the world, some putting as much as $1,000 (US) of their own money towards Trump Forest. They're making it known that climate change denial is unacceptable. Now we need businesses to stand up and do the same,” Jeff Willis, one of Trump Forest’s cofounders says.

“Climate change is the single greatest issue our generation faces, but politicians like Trump are continuing to look backwards while actively trying to prevent the world from taking meaningful action to address the challenge. Now is the time we need to look to businesses to step up and help us forge a path to a cleaner future.”

How can you get involved?

Search the internet using Ecosiaas a search engine. The company gives 80% of its profits to tree planting programmes all over the world. It’s planted 15 million trees so far and will plant its Trump Forest donation in Morocco.